Armchair Boogie

Madison, WI
Rising from the forests and rivers of central Wisconsin, Armchair Boogie's high-energy take on the Jamgrass genre fuses intricate arrangements of acoustic guitar and banjo with the funky back beats of electric bass and drums. Augie Dougherty (banjo) and Ben Majeska (guitar) started playing together in the fall of 2014 while attending the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point and within a year their musical collaborations led to the formation of Armchair Boogie. Eager to expand their sound for a bigger stage, Augie and Ben recruited bassist Eli Frieders and drummer Dan Waterman to fill out the band's four-piece configuration.Armchair Boogie solidified their current line-up in the spring of 2017 when Denzel Connor took over for a departing Dan Waterman on drums. In conjunction with the release of their debut, self-titled album, the band moved to Madison, WI, a jumping off point from where Armchair Boogie has become a regular on the upper Midwest festival circuit while also sowing roots in the Rocky Mountains.

Band Members

Ben Majeska- Vocals/Guitar
Augie Dougherty- Vocals/Banjo
Eli Frieders- Vocals/Bass
Denzel Connor- Drums

1 Song

Green Pizza Party

by Armchair Boogie
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