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After MOTHER.FUNK’s release of their debut album, “Coastal,” the four members, who all met in college at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL, have seen a wide range of success in the southeast U.S. over the past four years. The group’s effort on the album was widely acclaimed in the college markets even though only being recorded in 3 days, while still enrolled at U of A. Their singles, “Yeti” & “Instrument of War” garnered enough attention to include MOTHER.FUNK on supporting bills for DISPATCH, MOE., Moon Taxi, The Revivalists, & even Wiz Khalifa. The band has since honed in on their rock n’ roll tendencies, and has relocated to Nashville, TN-- where they dropped a new album, Long Story Short on December 13th, beginning with their first two singles, “Jacob’s Ladder,” and “Rewind.”

Band Members

A.C. DeMoss
Josh Ferrell
Casey Peranich
Burnham Hawk

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Lonnie's Song

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