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Volts Delicious started as a project between former bandmates Adam Curtiss (electric guitar) and Jaydon Kershner (percussion) to fight boredom during Covid-19. Vocalist and pianist Breezy Ortega moved from Nebraska in December of 2020 to join the group and things began to take a more serious turn as the trio began collaborating; combining edgy rock riffs with sultry vocals and dance inspired grooves. Finally, with the addition of long time friend and musical heavy weight, John Sayers (bass), Volts Delicious was fully formed. They released their first single, “Don’t Tell Me” in early April of 2022 which caused enough hype for the band that they were able to sell out their debut show in May 2022 in Denver, CO. They released their next single, “Under the Influence” on July 22nd. The EP in its entirety entitled “Unsavory Attire” was released September 30th which includes both singles as well as two additional tracks which until the release had only been heard at live performances. Volts Delicious has released one music video as well as one live video on Youtube and will be releasing two additional music videos in 2022 for the songs Under The Influence and their next single release, Day Dreamin'.

Band Members

Breezy Ortega- Vocals/Keys
Adam Curtiss- Lead Guitar
Johnny Sayers- Bass Guitar
Jaydon Kershner- Drums/Percussion

1 Song

Magic Crayon

by Volts Delicious
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