How Are You My Love?

by Allan (age 11) | Partner Organization: Honduras Child Alliance

The Honduras Child Alliance is a diverse and collaborative, volunteer-based group, collectively working to make life better for impoverished children in Honduras.

Since the day that you left I wanted to forget your past but I couldn’t forget it.I already miss you, I don’t want you to go. They ask me when you are going to return. How are you my love? How do you go on feeling tendernessIt’s a sentence without you. Every time I remember you, I think only of where you areHow are you my love. Without reproach forever the twoHow are you my love? How are you, I miss you. So much because I have so much love.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Shady Wilbury

Hola, Allan. Quiero agradecerte por tu hermosa canci?n. Lo siento que me ha durado tanto tiempo, pero quer?a darte lo mejor que pod?a. Espero que disfrutes de la canci?n. ?Cuidate! Casey