The Beach and Princess Samantha

by Itzeel (age 10) | Partner Organization: Honduras Child Alliance

The Honduras Child Alliance is a diverse and collaborative, volunteer-based group, collectively working to make life better for impoverished children in Honduras.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who went swimming every day with her friends and they found a strange place and suddenly there was a very beautiful castle and there was a princess hidden inside this place but suddenly a man appeared with a wife and he said what are you all doing here and we ran away calling to a man who was a prince and helped us to get out of that place.  We lived happily ever after.

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Make Believe

by Dawn Otteson | 28 Plays
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Dawn Otteson Lisbon, ND USA

There?s a castle far away In a place we use to play There?s a princess hiding too Where I?d journey to meet you Chorus And we would dance and play While we make believed Creating our own land There are princes and kings And horses to see All we create is grand A man and his wife found us there It was their land, they wouldn?t share, So our prince led us somewhere knew Where I could make believe with you Chorus There?s a castle far away In a place we go to play There?s a princess hiding too I will journey to meet you