Hope is the Key to Success

by Jaiden (age 11) | Partner Organization: Imagine

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Notes from the Songwriter
MikeJM@Kompoz Murrieta, California, USA

Hello Jaiden, we loved your story and it's inspirational message! Hopefully you enjoy the song we made out of it - keep being an inspiration to everyone. :) Written and Produced by artists named: Mike Mantecon "MikeJM" Ricky Shaw "RickyD" Stephen Bastien "GFConobus" JC Beziz "DocDaFunk" Parmia Vaala "Parmia" Kim Noble "KimNobleMusic" Kevin Hartnell "Astronut" Christine Linge "Buttercup" And of course, credit to Jaiden for his story! Just as much a member of the songwriting process as anyone listed. :)