by Herlin (age 11) | Partner Organization: Honduras Child Alliance

The Honduras Child Alliance is a diverse and collaborative, volunteer-based group, collectively working to make life better for impoverished children in Honduras.

It’s a good team, for this reason I like it and it works hard to win the cupAnd because it’s attractive my team and it wears my favorite color blueAnd it has gone to Mexico to play and I am going to play with this team andIt never gives up or is defeated by all the teams. I love this team

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Armando Perez Tootsies Birthday Bash Dallas, TX

Hola Herlin! Yo soy Armando. Me gusto mucho lo que escribiste. A mi tambien me encanta el futbol! Compuse una cancion inspirada por tu poema/historia. Espero que te guste la cancion y recuerda a no darte por vencido. Letra/Lyrics: Algun dia sere Campion del Motagua No me rendire Mi corazon esta alli Todos gritaran Vamos Herlin gana! Y a mi paiz hare feliz Vuela! Aguila Azul Tira! Mete un Gol No pueden Con nosotros No pueden con nosotros ¿Nos damos por vencidos? No! No! No! ¿Y los derrotaremos? Si! Si! Si!