Stories for Zayvier (1)

by Ella, Gary, Gracie H., Quinton (age 9 ) | Partner Organization: The Sing Me a Story Foundation

These are incredible stories written by 4th graders for their classmate, Zayvier. Sadly, Zayvier is no longer with us and his classmates decided to document all the wonderful memories they had of their friend. They all did a wonderful job and Zayvier will be truly missed.

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Dana Lamb Tootsies Birthday Bash Atlanta, GA

Play with Me Verse I remember the day on the bus All those laughs, we couldn?t get enough Jokin? about things that crazy squirrel would say Like, ?Am I gonna eat that nut today? You don?t think about all the silly things you do Until they become the best memories of you Chorus I?m gonna miss the days of hide and seek When we could just be young and so carefree Football, and spelling, the way it was meant to be I?ll miss the days you played with me Verse I remember that Sparkle game we played A mouth full of milk is a memory made Hangin? out on weekends and tossin? that ball The biggest friendships in kids so small The best times were when we were together Cause when we used to say goodbye, it never meant forever