by Saviour (age Not Available) | Partner Organization: Kaeme

Kaeme seeks to build loving families, one child at a time. We break down the barriers that prevent orphaned or abandoned children from leaving institutions and entering family-based care.

Once in a village called Sokpote in Mungua lived three boys and their names are as followed, Amos, Saviour, Enock. Once on their way to school they found GHC 1 on the ground, And now hot to share the money become a problem to them. So Saviour brought an idea that they should look for a person who can tell tehm the biggest lie. So when they were about to enter their school their teacher called them and asked them the reason that they are making noise on the way from the question that the teacher asked. The answer to the question...
came from Saviour saying we are looking for the person who can tell as the biggest lie. And the teacher said when I was at your age, I don’t even know what a lie is. When the teacher finished talking the three boys did not utter a word and gave the money to the teacher.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Charles Wolff Phoenix, Arizona

Apologies if I mis-pronounce the name "Sokpote" (I realize I was leaving out the 'p' anyway). And I realize that a GHC-1 isn't all red, but at least I figured out it's money. Hope you enjoy your song, anyway, sorry it has taken so long to put it together. Keep hoping!